5 Best Smart Water Bottles Reviews

We need to drink water every day and we need to drink enough water every day. Drinking enough water has many benefits, like better overall health, clearer skin, improved productivity, improved brain function, weight loss, as well as increased energy levels. Therefore, a good suggestion is that you need to keep water at hand all the time. Of course, you can buy bottled water. However, bottled water doesn’t mean high water quality and can cause other problems, like the cost and the bad impact on the environment.

In order to remind you of drinking water every day, you really need a smart water bottle which is different from a common one.

What Are Smart Water Bottles?

You may never hear of it. A smart water bottle is not a one-time bottle but a reusable bottle which can help you track how much water you have drunk and remind you whether you need to drink more water according to your daily hydration goals. It is smart and convenient. For people who tend to forget to drink enough water per day, it is pretty useful.

Of course, you don’t need to buy such a smart water bottle, if you can always remember to drink water and fill up your water bottle. However, on the other hand, most of us tend to forget to drink enough water because of other interruptions, so we need a smart water bottle to remind you all the time.

Best Smart Water Bottles Reviews

If you need a smart water bottle, we have made this list of the top 5 best smart water bottles for you to choose from. Hope our smart water bottle reviews can help you find the right one.

1. Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle

This one can track your water intake sip by sip, accurately knowing how much water you have to drink every day. As the world’s first interactive water bottle, it allows you to set your goal. And it can track how much water you have drunk according to your goal. You can easily know whether you meet your goal or not. Once you have it, it will motivate you to meet your hydration needs. Of course, it is so easy to set up and pretty easy to use. Highly recommend this best smart water bottle.

2. Thermos 24 Ounce Hydration Bottle with Connected Smart Lid

This Thermos water bottle can show you the water level and temperature. It has a hydration calculator which can help you know your hydration goal every day. This means you know how much water you need to intake every day. And it can remind you whether you meet your goal or not. As a smart device, its smart lid is able to connect to your Fitbit account, which means you can check your hydration stats all the time. You can see a graph and chart with daily, weekly, and monthly hydration progress on its activity dashboard. This design is so cool, so you can know whether you have done your plans. And it battery can last 12 days without charging. It has a micro USB charging port, so it is so easy to charge it, like charging your mobile phone. This product has 2 colors. The Thermos brand and the smart technology make it one of the best smart water bottles.

3. Moikit Cuptime2 – Rechargeable Smart Cup

Amazon.co.jp: Moikit Cuptime2 - Rechargeable Smart Cup - BPA-Free -  Intelligent Water Bottle - Drink Water Reminder - with OLED Screen Display  - Free IOS and Android APP by Moikit : Home & Kitchen

This water bottle is compatible with many APPs, like Fitbit, Apple health kit and Jawbone. Its body is made of premium Tritan which is BPA-free and eco-friendly. A LED display is included to display some stats. The material it uses is improved sanitized antimicrobial, durable and ergonomic. Plus, it is somehow not easy to keep fingerprint. A temperature sensor is also included to tell you when it is the best time to drink. If the water is too hot, it will remind you. Due to its measurement sensors, you will easily know how much water in it. Once you need to recharge it, just place it on its charging dock. It is very easy.

As a smart device, it stores detailed stats for further analysis, allows you to set it, offers you a health plan, and allows you to connect it to your other smart device by its Bluetooth connection. Therefore, it is so easy for you to track your hydration data. After set your goals, it will remind you to keep on the track by beeping or vibrating. This means you can drink enough water every day.

4. Smart Cup 400ml Magic Intelligent Induction Drinking Bottles

This smart water bottle is very nice and easy to use. On its handle, there is a LED display which can tell you the current temperature of the water in it. And it uses many LED technologies to make it colorful and useful. When you need to drink water at night, you don’t need to turn on your table lamp and locate it. Instead, you only need to tap your table or something nearby, its LEDs will light up, so you can easily locate it. Once you touch it, it will light up too. Every 2 hours, it will also light up to tell you need to drink some water. This one is really a good partner for who always forget drinking water. And it comes in several colors to choose from.

5. H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

This water bottle has a thin design. As a smart device, it is able to monitor your water intake and can remind you when to drink water. It uses sensors to measure the water level in it. Of course, its sensor can connect to your smartphone to update the data. Each time you drink, the data will be updated. Therefore, it is able to make you motivated and keep you on track with your personal hydration goal. You can use it to create your own goals based on age, weight, weather, and physical activity.

Of course, it is pretty easy to set up and use. A user-friendly app can automatically update data. This bottle has two colors to choose from. Its sleek design and functions are very impressive. It deserves to have a try.


This is our list of the top 5 best smart water bottles. Hope our smart water bottle reviews can help you find the right one. If you always forget drinking water, having one of them can keep you hydrated all the time.

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